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LiFePO4 battery vs Lead Acid battery

The difference between lifepo4 battery and Lead acid battery

Eco-friendly, lithium iron phosphate batteries are not polluted (not absolutely), while lead-acid batteries are polluted by heavy metal lead;

Safety, the safety of different lithium-ion battery materials is different, the lead-acid battery technology is quite mature, and the safety is higher than that of lithium-ion batteries;

The specific energy, mass ratio, and volume ratio of LiFePO4 batteries are about 40% higher than that of lead-acid batteries;

In terms of price, the price of a lithium iron phosphate battery with the same capacity is more than double that of a lead-acid battery;

Life span, the cycle life of general lithium iron phosphate battery is 2000 times, no memory effect, about 75% of the storage capacity after 2000 times, while the lead-acid battery is about 500 times, and the memory effect is obvious;

Self-discharge rate, monthly self-discharge of lithium iron phosphate battery is less than 3%, and the lead-acid battery is 15~30%, the difference is obvious;

Discharge characteristics. Simply put, when a battery with the same capacity is discharged at a high current, a lithium-ion battery discharges about 30% more electricity than a lead-acid battery;

Voltage platform, lithium iron phosphate battery voltage platform is> 3V, lead-acid battery is 2V.

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