Lithium Battery Knowledge

How to assemble a battery pack

How to assemble a battery pack

Before assembling the 48V lithium battery pack, it is necessary to calculate according to the product voltage, size and the required load capacity of the lithium battery pack, and then calculate the capacity of the lithium battery pack to be assembled according to the required capacity of the product. Calculation results to select lithium batteries.

The container for fixing the lithium battery also needs to be prepared to prevent changes after the lithium battery pack is arranged. The material to isolate the lithium battery string and for better fixing effect, glue every two lithium batteries together with adhesive such as silicone rubber.

Place the lithium batteries in a regular manner, and then use materials to fix each string of lithium batteries. After fixing each string of lithium batteries, it is better to use insulating materials such as barley paper to separate each string of lithium batteries. The outer skin of the lithium batteries is damaged, which may cause short circuits in the future.

After arranging and fixing, you can use the nickel tape to carry out the most important tandem steps. After the series connection step of the lithium battery pack is completed, only the subsequent processing is left. Bundle the battery with tape, and cover the positive and negative poles with barley paper first to avoid short circuits due to errors in subsequent operations.

48V lifepo4 battery assembly detailed tutorial

  1. Choose the appropriate cell, cell type, voltage, internal resistance need to match, please balance the cell before assembly
  2. Calculate the dimensions and cut the insulation board accordingly
  3. When connecting and soldering the wires and connecting the voltage collection wire (balanced wire), do not connect the protective board to avoid accidental burnout of the BMS
  4. The insulating silicone gel is fixed again, and this silicone gel will cure for a long time.
  5. Connecting the BMS. If you forget to balance the cells before, this is the last chance before the lithium battery is assembled. You can balance it through the balance line.
  6. Then use an insulating board to fix the entire battery pack and encapsulate it with nylon tape, which is more durable.
  7. To package the battery as a whole battery pack, please be sure to fix the battery and the BMS Our battery can still work normally when it is dropped at a height of 1 meter.
  8. Both output and input use silicone wire. As a whole, because it is a lithium iron phosphate battery, the weight is half of the same as lead acid battery.
  9. After the tutorial is completed, we have done a test after the lithium battery is completed, which can meet our requirements.

How to assemble a satisfactory lithium battery pack?

  1. Choose a good quality and reliable lithium battery pack.
  2. It is necessary to have a sophisticated lithium battery equalization BMS. The current BMS on the market are uneven, and there are analog batteries, which are difficult to distinguish from the appearance. Choose a better battery pack controlled by digital circuits.
  3. Use a special charger for lithium batteries, not a charger for ordinary lead-acid batteries, and the charging voltage must match the equalization starting voltage of the protection board.


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